April 23 2020

Why are Fire Inspections still just as important during these challenging times?

Why are Fire inspections still just as important during challenging times?

It’s really important that existing risks are not forgotten during this time. Completing inspections and assessments is an important part of the risk management cycle, not just in relation to fire safety but also other risks such as water safety, building structures and general health and safety.

Here at Ligtas we’re working with clients to help them manage their building risks whilst working within the Governments social distancing rules. Building owners and managers should also have a get back to work plan where buildings may have been closed or unoccupied for a period of time during the lockdown. Again it’s essential that thorough inspections and startup procedures are in place to help manage the risks, e.g. checking system operation, before returning to normal use. If you would like more information then visit our website