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About Ligtas

The Ligtas Way

You can’t keep people safe by simply ticking a box

Who we are

We are one of the UK’s leading, trusted health and safety consultancy and training companies based in the UK, with nationwide coverage.

Our purpose or ethos at Ligtas is:

You can’t keep people safe by simply ticking a box

Therefore the value we bring to our clients is to:

provide health and safety expertise for people who care about health and safety

At Ligtas, we don’t just tick boxes we have:

  • UK wide coverage provided by our own full-time employees - with consultants all over the UK, we can ensure that you are served by someone who is accessible to your business
  • Thirty years of trading means we offer vast experience and robust governance – when it comes to health and safety, you want to ensure you have a provider who ‘knows their stuff’ and has a reputation and track record to prove it
  • Commercially minded high calibre consultants – health and safety delivered with a commercial understanding – we look for the ways that health and safety can have a positive impact on your business, delivered by consultants who are members of The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)
  • >90% of our reports are delivered within 10days from the visit - this includes a debrief within 24 hours and an interpretation of the report – so you don’t just receive a list of ‘fixes’, but you understand exactly what needs to be done and the impact of these activities

All backed up with software that provides our clients access to an easy to use system with real-time data and insightful management reporting at the touch of a button.

Working with global brands, we help our clients sleep at night with a peaceful mind knowing they are proactively managing risk with best practice, cost-effective solutions that enable them to remain compliant and protect their brand and reputation.

Our aim is to become an extension of your business, enabling you to remain ahead of your game.

The Ligtas Way

The Ligtas way is about how we deliver innovation, excellence, and leadership in all that we do for clients, powered by the people that make Ligtas what it is. It is a company that is trusted and respected by its diverse range of clients, who know that service is not lip service, nor is it a box-ticking exercise, but something we are proud to deliver.

What matters to us

You matter to us. That’s you, our clients, and our community. Our role is to ensure that you know that your legal, ethical, and financial obligations are met. That you are compliant and all risks have been assessed and proactively mitigated.

What we do

We’re a professional, trusted health and safety consultancy business specialising across these key areas:

We put our clients at the heart of everything we do when offering products, services and training.

Ligtas – a great place to work

We strive to make Ligtas a great place to work. We believe our team enjoys working here and are fully involved in decisions that affect them. We’re all on the same journey to grow as a company and professionally. We don’t tick boxes with our team either.

Our consultants are specialists who want to be given challenges. If you can share the challenges you face with us, we can explore the causes and find the best solutions. It’s always about the win-win.

The right consultant will bring immense value to your business, provided they are seen as a friend and not foe and fully utilised on the visit and after.


The role of a consultant at Ligtas is to make sure our clients feel comfortable about what will happen on the visit and what is expected of them. Then, after the visit, it is to ensure that a detailed report is delivered within a reasonable timeframe.

How we do it

We do it in a way that helps ensure that you are:

  • Compliant
  • Safe
  • Risk-free
  • Your reputation is protected
  • Supported by people who are accessible and care about health and safety.
  • We are responsive and flexible, guiding you through each step and ensuring you feel supported and valued.
  • We invest in people, processes and technology:

  • We do this because we put our clients first, ensuring that we are responsive, and always think about how we can help them drive risk management. We are constantly innovating, working with our clients to help find advanced solutions to their problems.

People: We work hard to be an employer of choice

Processes: Our processes are designed to not just tick boxes, but to improve efficiency, create value and continually improve what we do and how we do it

Technology: Fully integrated software to enable operational excellence and deliver real-time compliance data

And by being certified to ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 27001, because delivering quality services matters.

All designed to make your life easier.


This is The Ligtas Way