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Careers At Ligtas

Imagine a world where everyone feels safe and protected. A world where workplaces, homes and public spaces are secure, and people can live their lives without fear.

At Ligtas, we believe that this world is possible, and we’re looking for talented professionals to help us make it a reality. We want people who want to make a difference while benefiting from a rewarding career filled with possibilities and potential.

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Current Vacancies

Ligtas are currently recruiting for a variety of roles in various locations. Please go to each of the career opportunities to see what locations are required.

Your Career With Ligtas

The concept of a job has transformed. It’s no longer just about punching in and out of a routine; it’s about finding a meaningful career that aligns with your passions, values, and ambitions. While jobs offer temporary stability, a career presents opportunities for personal growth, professional development, and long-term fulfilment. When deciding on what to do, many people opt for just a job, with little consideration for the long-term prospects that a career path offers.

A career with Ligtas offers:

Purpose and meaning

Career paths extend opportunities beyond monetary rewards. When you align your passions and interests with your work, you experience a profound sense of fulfilment. This means you can actively contribute to something larger than yourself, positively impacting society, unlike a job, which is merely a means of earning an income. When you’re engaged in meaningful work that resonates with your interests, you wake up every morning driven by genuine enthusiasm and desire to make a difference.

A clear path for growth and development

A career path offers opportunities for promotions, raises, and new challenges. This can be particularly appealing for those looking for constant learning and development. Unlike a job that may have limited growth prospects, a career path is designed to foster progress and reward ambition.

Employees can climb the ladder of success through dedication, hard work, and continuous learning, securing higher-level positions and increased responsibilities. With each milestone, you gain valuable experience and expertise, positioning yourself for new challenges and promotions.

A career allows you to evolve, adapt, and stay relevant in a dynamic world where change is the only constant.

Impact and contribution

A career provides the opportunity to make a real impact and contribute to something meaningful. Whether it’s shaping policies, innovating new solutions, or improving people’s lives, your work can leave a lasting legacy and create a positive change in the world. You will have the opportunity to identify challenges and find creative ways to overcome them.

Inspiring and mentoring others

As you progress in your career, you have the chance to inspire and mentor others. By sharing your knowledge, experience, and insights with colleagues, you can contribute to their growth and success. Guiding and supporting others in their career journeys can create a ripple effect, leading to a more empowered and talented workforce.

The potential for long-term security

While a job can provide immediate financial stability, a career offers professional development. Employees increase their chances of career advancement by building their skill set and utilising their can-do attitude. Additionally, careers often come with benefits such as retirement plans, healthcare, and other perks that provide a safety net for the future.

A community of like-minded people

You can spend time with a community of like-minded employees who share your passion and drive. In addition, you have the opportunity to build a reputation and establish yourself as an expert in your field, which can be incredibly empowering. You are also with people there to support you when you need help.

Job satisfaction and a healthy work-life balance

A career provides you with job satisfaction and a healthy work-life balance. When employees find meaning and enjoyment in their work, they are more likely to experience higher levels of satisfaction. A career also gives employees the autonomy to shape their professional journey, balancing their personal and professional commitments effectively. While a job can be soul-destroying and repetitive.

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What it’s like to work here?

Are you curious about what it’s truly like to work at Ligtas? We believe that before you step into an interview or accept an offer for a new career path, it’s essential to have a deeper understanding of our organisation, culture, and values. We want to ensure they align with your aspirations and values. And, of course, it’s important for you to appreciate and resonate with our leadership style and The Ligtas Way.

At Ligtas, we value transparency, collaboration, and a sense of purpose. We foster a supportive work culture that encourages open communication, teamwork, and continuous growth. We believe in providing our employees with the resources, autonomy, and opportunities to shine and make a meaningful impact.

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Leadership style

Our leadership style is built on trust, respect, and empowerment. We value diverse perspectives and actively seek input from every team member. We encourage innovation, forward-thinking, and creative problem-solving to tackle the challenges we face in our mission to create a safer world.

To truly understand what it’s like to work at Ligtas, we invite you to delve deeper into our company culture and values. Explore our website to gain insights into who we are and what we’re proud to be a part of. This way, you can ensure that your values align with ours, and together, we can build a fulfilling career journey.

So, before you take the next step in your professional life, take the time to learn about us and the Ligtas experience. We want to empower you to make an informed decision, ensuring that joining our team feels like a natural and exciting progression on your career path.

The best thing?

The best thing about working at Ligtas? The answer is simple: our people. They are the heart and soul of our organisation, embodying a spirit of openness, curiosity, and a passion for tackling challenges head-on. They have a can-do attitude, which means they look at how to solve problems and explore ideas by asking, what-if?

At Ligtas, our team takes immense pride in their wealth of knowledge gained through experience and qualifications. They channel this expertise to support one another and provide exceptional service to our clients.

Our people recognise the importance of going beyond the ordinary, ensuring that our services are never a mere checkbox exercise. Every team member deeply cares about health and safety, recognising its significance and impact on individuals, organisations, and communities.

When you join Ligtas, you become part of a team that thrives on the collective strength of its members. Together, we work towards creating safer environments, championing health and safety, and leaving a positive impact on the lives of others.

Our aim is to be the employer of choice. We make sure that everyone feels valued in all aspects of their lives, including their professional and personal aspirations.

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We take care of our employees in more ways than one. Our competitive benefits package includes:


Healthcare scheme 

You’ll have access to an employee assistance programme *

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25 days’ annual leave

(plus bank holidays) – which increases with length of service

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Life assurance


Excellent contributory pension scheme 

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Company car or allowance options for qualifying roles

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Flexible working policy

* Healthcare scheme – you’ll have access to an employee assistance programme, 24-hour online GP, gym discounts and be able to claim back a variety of healthcare, dental, optical and wellbeing treatments/services. Your dependents under 18 in full-time education will also be covered

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Our culture

The culture at Ligtas is the magic ingredient that ensures our people enjoy working here, are productive and engaged, care about health and safety so that our clients love working with us.

We can’t emphasise enough that we care about health and safety. The knowledge and expertise that Ligtas brings leaves customers feeling competent in their ability to handle their responsibilities, enabled in implementing any changes that need to be put in place and supported in these endeavours.

We are looking for people who will make sure that our clients feel confident that as well as meeting their statutory requirements, they are minimising the financial exposure of the business. In partnering with Ligtas, feel reassured and secure in their position.

Our customers have legal and moral responsibilities for the safety of people on their premises. Failure to fulfil these will lead to loss. This loss can be financial, reputational, or legal. Ligtas are in the business of safeguarding our clients and ensuring that they feel protected and have peace of mind.

When you join us, you will be embodying this culture and will be representing Ligtas everywhere you go.

The Ligtas Way

The Ligtas Way means that:

  • You are rewarded for your endeavours, we celebrate success and support your career aspirations
  • Your health and wellbeing are important and we want to ensure that not only do you enjoy coming to work but that you are able to balance work and life as well
  • You will have access to equal opportunities, we want to ensure that you feel like you belong and that there is longevity in your career
  • Naturally, as a learning provider, your learning is also important to us

Ligtas is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all sectors of the community

One Team: We are, and we behave as one team with a joint goal to which we all contribute

Responsiveness: We will respond promptly to each other’s queries as they impact our customer values

Communicate: We will communicate face to face, by phone, by email as appropriate

Respect: We will treat each other with mutual respect

No blame. We will not blame each other when things aren’t right

Inclusive. We embrace and celebrate our differences in experiences, backgrounds and ways of thinking

Can do. We will seize the opportunity that is presented and find the solution in a timely, efficient and effective manner

Responsibility/ownership/accountability. We will take responsibility and complete the task

Support. We will provide support when asked and help where we can without overpowering

Outcome focussed. We are not siloed but will work across functions to achieve the right outcome

Trust. We will trust each other to complete the task

Empowered. We are empowered to deliver the right outcome

Enjoy.  A serious concern for having fun

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Open positions

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