Virtual Classroom Training

eLearning Flexibility + Tutor Expertise

Learn Remotely

With the Ligtas Virtual Training system, learners have the freedom to absorb content and engage with peers safely and at a location where they will learn best. Our easy to use virtual classrooms mean that learners can comprehend topics on their own terms, on many different devices, wherever there is internet access.

Best of Both Worlds

With Ligtas Virtual Training, you will have all the flexibility of an eLearning system, together with the support of a tutor via online learning sessions. The Ligtas LMS will give you access to course notes and high quality interactive activities which can be completed at your convenience. This is supplemented with scheduled sessions in the Ligtas virtual classrooms to provide an online equivalent of traditional face-to-face training.

Virtual Classrooms

The Ligtas virtual classrooms offer an enhanced learning experience via :

  • Breakout sessions within a meeting to enable group work
  • Notes, chat, and whiteboards
  • Polling/surveys and interactive activities
  • Mobile app (Android & iOS)


This solution allows for a flexible and dynamic approach to training. Virtual learning is a new and innovative concept that overcomes restrictions and barriers that social distancing now presents.

Virtual training can be carried out anywhere that has a good internet connection and a modern web browser such as chrome, safari, firefox and Edge. Therefore, further benefits include reduced costs such as travelling and accommodation. It can be attended at the workplace in a quiet environment or at a remote location suitable for the learner. It allows for immediate feedback on performance and interaction with other students, mirroring a face-to-face classroom.

Contact Ligtas to discuss your needs or call our friendly team of professionals on 02922 800 000.

Available Dates and Pricing

Contact Ligtas to discuss your needs or call 02922 800 000.