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Get your team qualified with government funding

Funding for training

Funding for training can make a big difference to any business where you have to balance the cost of training against the uncertainty of the market.

The benefits

The benefits of investing in the learning and development of your workforce are endless from improving the confidence of your employees, having a competitive advantage over other employers when recruiting, improving the mental wellbeing of your staff, and demonstrating that you are an employer of choice.

Having properly trained and qualified staff will undoubtedly raise your profile, give you a competitive advantage and support business growth.

Ligtas have various funding opportunities available to businesses.

Don’t miss these opportunities to upskill your team and be one step ahead of your competitors.

A Personal Learning Account (PLA)

A Personal Learning Account (PLA) is a new initiative from the Welsh Government offering access to free and flexible courses to gain the relevant skills and qualifications needed to develop your career. Ligtas are proud supporters of PLA and if you decide to train with us we can provide experience, expertise, and technology to keep you up to date and develop skills and competency. This ensures you become more effective in your role or future roles.

How can funding be used?

It can be used towards multiple courses but courses must not overlap and will need to be applied for separately.

What courses are on offer?

A full course selection can be found here.

Individual eligibility

Eligibility is tested at the point of application. The following individuals are eligible for the programme.

Individuals must:

  • Live in Wales
  • Want to gain skills/qualifications in priority sectors
  • 19 years old or over
  • In addition, individuals must meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • Employed (including self-employed) earning under the median income (£29,500)
  • Furloughed workers
  • Workers on zero-hour contracts
  • Agency staff
  • At the risk of being made redundant

⦁ Employed individuals that have been or potentially will be ‘financially’ negatively impacted by the economy, for example where their anticipated annual salary this financial year will be less than £29.5k or the future of their employment could be potentially at risk due to working in a sector which is likely to see a negative impact going forward due to COVID-19

Individuals are ineligible (at the point of application) if they are any of the following:

  • Under the age of 19
  • Attending school or college full-time as a pupil or student
  • In full-time higher education
  • In Welsh Government funded Work-Based Learning
  • An ineligible overseas national
  • In receipt of an Assembly Learning Grant or Education Maintenance Allowance
  • Unemployed i.e. does not have a contract of employment

ReAct Funding

If you have been made redundant or unemployed in the last 12 months, or you are under current notice of redundancy you may be entitled to ReAct funding to retrain or update your skills.

Support under the ReAct scheme is available for individuals who live in Wales and:

  • Have been made redundant in the past 12 months or have become unemployed for a reason other than redundancy in the past 12 months and who are currently unemployed.
  • Applicants must not have been in continuous employment for 6 weeks or more between the date they become unemployed and the date of the ReAct grant application; or
  • Are currently under a formal notice of redundancy
  • Applicants must not undertake any publicly-funded training since being made redundant or becoming unemployed, including the work-based learning suite of programs such as an apprenticeship

Ligtas accept the funding for the following public classroom courses: -

Please contact trainingbuyonline@ligtas.co.uk for further details or with any questions you may have or call our team of friendly experts on 02922 800 000

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