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People And Culture

We don't tick boxes with our team either…


We care about our people and ensure that we recruit and retain the right people who believe in our brand values and ethos. We’re proud of their commitment to our business and to our customer’s businesses. We strive to champion best practices, ensuring a safe and respectful workplace for our employees.

Our goal

Our goal is to be the employer of choice. Teamship is the Ligtas way, which means:

  • How we treat each other
  • How we want to be treated
  • How we treat our extended family of clients and suppliers
  • How we develop our culture so that our people enjoy working here

It’s also ensuring that we recruit and retain the right people. People who have a shared vision, are willing to be open-minded, have the desire to learn and take on new knowledge, and definitely do not just tick boxes.

We actively encourage personal leadership, which is everyone at their best, leading themselves from the inside out and applying their skills to get more from their career. This way of thinking enables our people to be comfortable with change, and it cascades the benefits into the business and to our clients.

Our people have a great attitude and hold themselves to a high standard. They listen to our clients and are flexible and responsive to the challenges faced. Our consultants are health and safety experts who care about health and safety.

Our culture

The Ligtas culture is about creating an organisational culture that embodies health and safety beliefs, values and attitudes. So much so that this is just the way that we do it around here.

At Ligtas, our ethos is that you can’t keep people safe by ticking a box. It has to be an intrinsic part of our culture and what we impress upon our clients to safeguard their reputation while keeping them safe.

A positive culture will result in improved performance, effectiveness and efficiency. This is because when it is owned by everyone, led from the top, everyone wins.

The Ligtas way is about how we share our beliefs, vision, the reason for being and core values (Innovation, excellence, and leadership). It guides how we work and the way we do things.

Every innovation starts with a problem that leads to excellence. Our consultants are specialists who want to be given challenges so that they can explore the causes and find the best solutions. It’s always about the win-win.

This creates value for our clients and is a win that belongs to the entire team.

Our culture embodies these core aspects:

  • Leadership
  • Brand and reputation
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Ethics
  • Trust
  • Drive for innovation, excellence, and leadership
  • Attitudes and behaviours
  • Awareness
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Measure, review and reflect

Our purpose or ethos at Ligtas is: You can’t keep people safe by simply ticking a box


Therefore the value we bring to our clients is to provide health and safety expertise for people who care about health and safety

We earn trust and respect by acting with integrity and operating with the highest standards. Our culture and reputation are built upon these principles.

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