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Learning Management System Overview

Learning and development system for businesses


Learning Management System Overview

The Ligtas Learning Management System (LMS) is a platform that can support all of your company’s learning content. It enables the documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of training courses from enrolment to final completion.

Staff can easily view and book training, whilst management can access a suite of detailed reports accessible on any internet-connected desktop, tablet, or mobile. The Ligtas LMS is beautifully designed and helps you know what’s working, who’s compliant, what training has been completed, and more.


Training materials that are hosted on the Ligtas LMS provide flexible, modern learning which enables businesses to have a fully engaged and knowledgeable workforce. No matter the size of your organisation, even for small businesses, the LMS can be tailored to suit your needs.


Some online learning systems require a significant level of technical knowledge, but the intuitive Ligtas LMS is designed in such a way that anyone should be able to use it.

With time now being such a valuable commodity, the Ligtas LMS takes the worry out of the recording and reporting of mandatory training. For organisations who would like their employees to complete online training, the Ligtas LMS allows for quick, easy analysis and reporting of delegates’ statistics.

By streamlining the management of training and providing instant, real-time visibility, it makes it easier for companies to monitor online training courses, keep staff up to date with the latest industry specific training and record and report these metrics - a vital component for any business.

The benefits include:


  • Easy monitoring of course completion and progression
  • Option to build your own reports
  • Fully secure system
  • Centralised platform
  • Cost effective
  • Flexibility and engaging learning
  • Performance support
  • Skills gap analysis
LMS Reporting
LMS Reporting

LMS Functionality

Capabilities of the Ligtas LMS include:

  • Dedicated branch function for organisations to place staff into different management groups
  • Quick multiple user enrolment/upload
  • Power User status for managers to report and track staff performance

Reporting functionality can be arranged by course or by user with Bespoke Reporting to show:

  • Progress
  • Completion
  • Enrolment
  • Last access date

Interactive courses include:

  • Quizzes/Assessments as part of an interactive learning experience
  • Certificate generation at the end of Awareness
  • Dedicated branded domain platform for organisations (at additional cost)
  • Bespoke enrolment rules for course completion if required (outside of normal time parameters)
  • Dedicated tutors available to advise learners via forums in accredited courses (not available for Awareness Courses)
  • Tutorial/webinar uploads to support eLearning courses (as and when required at additional cost)
  • PowerPoint presentation upload facility for those wanting simple “company policy/procedure updates” rather than interactive training course materials

Course Catalogue

The course catalogue details all the courses available on the eLearning system.

On enrolment to the course, it will unlock and allow you to start your learning journey.

Personal development and knowledge are key in today’s business world and having the ability to learn in a way that is flexible, and engaging and having confidence in the accuracy of the technical content is paramount.

Ligtas will support your journey every step of the way.

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