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Litgas - Our history

A rich history of health and safety expertise

We are more than a timeline of events

Our companies history is more than a timeline of events. It’s a story rich in achievements and accolades that we remain proud of today. Because of our story, we can be certain that we can deliver on our promises.

We have overcome challenges and made the most of the opportunities presented. By understanding why obstacles have occurred, we have built on our shared vision and operate within our core values.

30 years of trading means we offer vast experience and robust governance. We ‘know our stuff’ and have a reputation and track record to prove it. As a result, Ligtas have become and stayed the trusted partner of many prestigious household names.

Our ethos and purpose at Ligtas is:

You can’t keep people safe by simply ticking a box

Therefore the value we bring to our clients is to:

Provide health and safety expertise for people who care about health and safety

Our history sparks pride in our workforce. This enthusiasm is carried over into how they interact and work with our clients

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