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Sofware - AuditApp

Remote Working Even Without Internet Access

About Ligtas

Remote working is available via our AuditApp. This has an offline capability, allowing clients to carry out routine inspections whilst on-site and without internet access. This can be carried out using phones, tablets and all mobile devices.

Why do you need the Audit Module?


  • Traditionally inspections carried out on paper, which creates the opportunity for mistakes
  • Off-site paper-based solutions could mean that the inspections are easily misplaced
  • It can be time-consuming to rekey the data into a system when you are back in the office
  • It can be difficult to identify national, client and property trends and issues because the data is not in the system
  • It can be difficult to identify if inspections are being undertaken on time
  • Individuals adapt and change ‘standard’ forms over time which means that you lose control
  • Provides competitive advantage when tendering to potential clients, because you have all of the data to hand immediately

What else?

The AuditApp is very popular amongst our existing clients who need a practical solution to property inspections and audits.

Clients’ own forms can be built into the system, which can then be completed electronically on-site using hand-held devices. The completed form will then be saved into the PropertyPlus system, providing visibility and audit trail and will allow trends and issues to be reported and actions tracked through to completion.

A robust audit regime can be used to demonstrate due diligence and can assist in defending insurance claims as well as providing a proactive means of managing health and safety on site.

The AuditApp Module allows you to provide a full audit trail of activity to demonstrate proactive management and compliance to all stakeholders including health and safety enforcement, clients, insurers and senior management.


  • Ability to undertake audits and site inspections electronically
  • Multiple templates can be implemented
  • Utilises both a desktop and mobile version
  • Offline capability - no internet connection required.​

Benefits of using the Audit Module

  • You can build bespoke audit forms, which means that you get the data that you need and can increase data entry time
  • Quick and easy to undertake an audit in real-time, which means that there is no double-entry
  • Provides a clear audit trail of what has been done and when therefore mitigating risk
  • Provides a clear record of action that is required - no more missed actions
  • Ability to report on trends and issues and levels of compliance
  • You are able to demonstrate how proactive and diligent you are to all stakeholders (insurance, clients, management, enforcement).

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