On Thursday 25 June 2020 @ 12.30pm Ligtas successfully launched it’s new pay system on the website. This is the first solo mission for Ligtas into unchartered territory of online payments and course bookings. This mission marked Ligtas’ next step in it’s journey.

It’s been a difficult voyage this year with the dreaded COVID-19 to navigate, with only weekly resupply missions granted in line with the Government guidelines during this pandemic. But after our liftoff as a stand-alone entity we’ve fared well.

We’re excited to launch a faster, more efficient and direct light speed payment systems at the click of a button. There’s a whole galaxy of H&S training options with Ligtas, we’ve searched far and wide to bring you the best online training. For those of you that are alien to health and safety there’s even a helpful guide on our website to help navigate your mission successfully. We’ve been delivering training for light years and are the professionals when it comes to Health and Safety.

In the meantime, our Perseverance Rover will search for signs of habitable conditions for when we can all return to normal after the pandemic. www.ligtas.co.uk 02922 800 000.