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Health and Safety Management System Gap Analysis

Health and Safety Management System Gap Analysis

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Health and Safety Management System Gap Analysis

A health and safety management audit, or gap analysis, is a detailed assessment of your current levels of compliance and management. It is a systematic process to assess current arrangements by management to identify current strengths and highlight potential improvement opportunities towards developing and improving an effective health and safety management system for you, your employees and your workplace.

The gap analysis is a critical evaluation to find the gaps between an organisation’s current safety culture and the standards it wishes to meet. Be that baseline statutory compliance or gold medal standard.

Our approach towards gap analysis is three staged:

  • We look at the current status, review policies, procedures and practices. Second, get to know the organisation, understand its structure, culture and aims towards health and safety management.
  • Having identified the strengths and weaknesses, Ligtas will develop an action plan that outlines the required areas of improvement in coordination with a client. The action plan provided is a detailed report which delivers clear guidance of requirements and timelines for implementation.
  • Our ethos is to become part of an extension of your in-house teams, to work collaboratively with clients to achieve their aims in safety management. Having provided an action plan for clients, we remain actively involved and available to assist in implementing and developing advised improvement opportunities.

What are the benefits?

A health and safety management system gap analysis will provide a good starting point to developing a robust health and safety management system or greatly assist with updating and maintaining the systems already in place. Be it simply statutory compliance requirements or ultimately accreditation to ISO 45001 certification, if desired. This, in turn, helps set clear objectives for continuous improvement and providing a safer working environment.

How can we help?

Our extended team of auditors are highly qualified with in-depth knowledge and understanding of health and safety management systems, standards and in-depth knowledge of current health and safety legislation, along with good practice guidelines.

We align our auditors with a client’s requirements and industry. During the initial phase of the audit, Ligtas undertake a comprehensive review of an organisations structure, policies and documentation. This includes site visit work to both main locations and, if required, any remote locations to fully understand our clients’ operational and aspirational needs.

Having identified the areas of potential improvements required, Ligtas works hand in hand to develop an action plan with step-by-step guidance. Once the action plan has been agreed upon, Ligtas work with our clients to assist them with their desired aims

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