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Fire Doors - Always Think Safety, If You See It, Report It

This year’s theme for Fire Door Safety Week (FDSW), which runs from 25 – 29 is, ‘Recognise it, Report it.’ It’s vital that if you see a fire door that is damaged you report it immediately.

Not Just Any Door, A Fire Door

Fire doors serve a pivotal role in safeguarding both individuals and property during a fire incident. Specifically engineered to halt the advancement of fire and smoke, these doors facilitate a safe evacuation for building occupants and mitigate potential property devastation. Their design is a crucial element in ensuring the containment of the fire, enhancing overall safety, and minimising losses.

However, fire doors can only function if installed correctly and regularly inspected and maintained. Research conducted by IronmongeryDirect reported that more than one in eight (13%) tradespeople, have admitted to propping open fire doors while working. This dangerous practice has to stop!

Entrusting Fire Safety experts like Ligtas to inspect your fire doors ensures your building is safe and compliant with relevant regulations and standards. Neglecting to do so can put lives and property at risk in the event of a fire.

Fire doors save lives

They form a vital part of a building’s passive fire protection and are designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke for a specified amount of time, to:

  1. Protect escape routes, to enable safe evacuation of the building
  2. Protect the building and its contents, limiting costs and disruption after a fire
  3. Allow firefighters to extinguish the fire as safely as possible

Trust The Experts

Expert Fire Door Inspectors have the knowledge and experience to identify potential problems with your fire doors that may not be immediately visible to the untrained eye. Our consultants share ten reasons why it is important to inspect fire doors regularly:

1. Protection of people and property

2. Prevention of the spread of fire and smoke

3. Ensuring proper signage

4. Preservation of fire door integrity

5. Ensuring proper operation

6. Compliance with the law

7. Promoting a culture of safety

8. Verification of fire door ratings

9. Maintenance of fire door hardware

10. Early detection of damage

Technical Update

Why wait until it is too late? Act now to ensure that your fire doors are compliant and work effectively to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

Would yours stand the test in a fire emergency?

If you’re unsure, contact us to schedule your fire door inspections to help ensure a safer tomorrow.

Let Ligtas take the heat out of your fire door inspections

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