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Health and Safety Policies, Procedures and Management Systems

Health and Safety Policies, Procedures and Management Systems

Health & Safety Services

Health and Safety Policies, Procedures and Management Systems

The Health and Safety At Work etc. Act 1974 made it a legal requirement that organisations with 5 or more employees must have a written Health & Safety Policy statement.

The Policy statement outlines an organisations commitment to legal compliance, promotes a proactive safety culture and details the general arrangements for the health and safety management system in operation. Beneath the policy, there should be clearly defined roles and responsibilities towards the implementation of the policy and detailed procedures outlining the arrangements for safety management within an organisation.

Health and Safety Policies, Procedures and the creation of a robust Management Systems will allow the development of a safety culture, continuous improvement, and provision of a safer working environment.

What are the benefits?

The provision of a robust Health and Safety Management System promotes compliance towards both statutory requirements and industry standards. It provides the details on the management structure in operation, the roles and responsibilities of all employees and the arrangements for achieving operational needs. Be it simply compliance with HSG65 or ultimately accreditation to ISO 45001 certification, if desired, provision of a policy and suitable arrangements is a legal duty and the foundation on which health and safety should be developed.

How can we help?

Our extended team of auditors are highly qualified with in-depth knowledge and understanding of health and safety management systems, development of policies and procedures. We align our auditors with a client’s requirements and industry. During the project’s initial phase, Ligtas undertake a comprehensive review of an organisation’s structure, operational needs, and working practices. This includes site visit work to both main locations and, if required remote locations, to fully understand our clients’ needs.

Having identified the areas of potential improvements required, Ligtas work with our clients to develop bespoke and tailored policies and procedures to enable our clients to implement a robust, sustainable management system. This is achieved by providing a detailed report and action plan that outlines necessary improvements and copies of proposed policies and procedures. Throughout the implementation stage, we remain part of the process to assist and provide guidance as appropriate to client needs.

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