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IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH Managing Safely

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Enter the world of IOSH courses with Ligtas, your preferred health and safety training provider, renowned for excellence and commitment. Our qualified tutors offer personalised coaching and support, ensuring confidence and success. With meticulously curated learning materials and practical tools, participants can directly apply knowledge in their workplaces. As a NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner and an 'Outstanding' IOSH training provider, Ligtas guarantees the gold standard in training. Join Ligtas and embark on a transformative journey toward professional growth and organisational safety.

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In House Delivery

If your organisation requires health and safety training for a number of delegates, in-company training may be the perfect solution.

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IOSH Managing Safely Course Overview

IOSH Managing Safety is a comprehensive and globally recognised course designed to equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills to proactively manage workplace safety.

This five-day course provides basic health and safety training for managers and supervisors across all sectors and organisational types.

“Managing Safely has been designed to give managers an understanding of how to deal with health and safety issues in the workplace and make them aware of their responsibilities ” (IOSH).

How Long Will The Course Take?

  • When studied through classroom, virtual classroom or in-house learning, the course is 3 days.
  • When studying through E-learning, we recommend spending between 20 and 25 hours on the course.


On successful completion of a multiple choice question paper and a workplace practical assessment, the delegate will receive an IOSH certificate.

Who Is The IOSH Managing Safely Course For?

IOSH Managing Safely is for managers and supervisors in any sector, from any organisation, who have to manage risk and resources.

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IOSH Managing Safely Learning Outcomes and Benefits

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the five-day course, your staff will be better able to:
• Describe the key reasons to manage safety and health in the workplace
• Define the key terms relating to safety and health
• Identify how the law can have an impact on safety and health in the workplace
• Describe how to assess, reduce and control risk in the workplace
• Identify workplace hazards and risks, their impact and how to manage them
• Identify how to evaluate and respond to an incident
• List the benefits and characteristics of an effective health and safety management system
• Describe the principles that underpin good safety and health performance

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Benefits To The Organisation

According to the Health and Safety Executive, workplace injuries and ill-health cost UK businesses around £18.8bn in 2019/20.

To go home safely at the end of the working day is a right, not a privilege.

As members of your team successfully complete the course, they will become an invaluable resource to you. The knowledge and skills gained will have a tangible impact on the work environment, effectively enhancing occupational health and safety.

They will play a pivotal role in ensuring your adherence to legal requirements and industry best practices, mitigating the substantial financial ramifications of accidents and health-related issues.

It can help to:

  • Boost employee wellbeing
  • Minimise workplace injuries and illness
  • Demonstrate your commitment to health and safety, which can help win business
  • Strengthen your health and safety culture
  • Ensure your organisation has valuable in-house health and safety expertise

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Choose Your Learning Path

Online Learning

Designed for flexibility, the online option lets you learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home or office. With access to rich digital resources, interactive modules, and virtual support, online learning is perfect for those balancing work, study, and personal commitments.

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Classroom Learning

Immerse yourself in an interactive, face-to-face learning experience. The classroom option provides the perfect opportunity to engage directly with expert instructors, participate in group discussions, and benefit from hands-on practical exercises. Ideal for those who value real-time feedback and a structured learning environment. 

Introducing Tailored In-Company Courses

If your organisation requires health and safety training for a number of delegates, in-company training may be the perfect solution.

In addition to this course, we offer the ability to tailor them precisely to your specific requirements, notably, the integration of your health and safety documents, prevailing initiatives, policies, and procedures. In doing so, we ensure that the training remains not only relevant but also aligned with your company’s ethos.

We can also use relevant examples and case studies from your organisation or sector, and our tailored course materials can also be branded with your company logo etc.

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Booking Your Course

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IOSH Managing Safely


Booking Your Course

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IOSH Managing Safely

Upcoming available dates
December 9th 2024


2024 Classroom Course Dates:

9th - 12th December 2024  (Cardiff)

Important Information For Learners

Once an online course has been accessed, it is important to note that there can be no deferrals or cancellations.

Please inform us of any access needs or reasonable adjustments which may be required during training/assessment.

If a learner wishes to complain about their course, details of the Ligtas complaints procedure can be found here.

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