Flexible Learning Solution

Significant cost savings from an anytime, anywhere learning management system

Background to the case study

Our client is a global oil and gas company with more than 80,000 employees in more than 70 countries. Their values include honesty, integrity, and respect for people, which means that any partner needs to value these. In selecting Ligtas, they wanted to work with an open, professional company and someone they could trust.

The challenges they faced were that there were significant costs associated with flying people around the world for training and that they needed their training to be consistent, no matter which country it was being delivered in.

It is vital to remember that when you have offices all over the world that one size does not fit all. Your training solution needs to be tailored to suit the organisation and be accessible to across time zones, cultures and technical requirements.

Client requirements

One of the priorities was to ensure that their health and safety advisors could learn anywhere and at any time consistently and effectively. For this, they needed a flexible and simple to use e-learning platform, which was capable of meeting the following requirements:

  • Competency development and formal qualification was a key requirement and outcome of the project which is ongoing and continuously supports consecutive cohorts of candidates through the program
  • The qualification needed to be recognised to International standards (not the UK only), so that staff could be deployed and effective anywhere in the company
  • To ensure that their health and safety advisors could consistently and effectively learn anywhere, at any time
  • No matter which location a learner was in, they could become professionally competent and attain a qualification that could be used in any country within the group
  • To find a provider capable of delivering an LMS (learning management system) that could grow with the client’s needs
  • The LMS system needed to deliver a blended solution of course materials, manuals (PDF), live online tutorials, record progress, and enable communities of learning
  • Enable communities of learning no matter where they are, to collaborate, communicate, and share content
  • Cost, time, and resource savings from not having to fly people all around the world for training
  • The ability for students to ask questions and share ideas in a forum which was monitored by tutors
  • Designed so that the training was available across different kinds of devices and operating systems providing a stable internet connection was available
  • Ability to interact with a course tutor
  • The ability to keep track of learner progress and ensure that they are meeting their performance milestones
  • The ability to add new syllabus changes to the online training course quickly

Our solution

After an in-depth consultation with the client, Ligtas Consultancy and Training created a training specifications document, and designed a pilot test environment, which, once approved, was rolled out across all locations. The Ligtas solution included:

  • A flexible online Learning Management System accessible through a stable internet connection. We developed an accredited eLearning course, which would give the candidates an internationally recognised qualification
  • Candidates were given a roadmap to success, which included a learning plan, and encouraged to complete the syllabus within 18 months. Ligtas scheduled online tutorials for each of the elements which candidates were able to join using an internet connection (originally delivered via Skype – now Teams)
  • The ability to ask questions and seek clarification through a forum, as well as listen to an experienced tutor explain technical content and prepare them for exam success
  • To support their learning, all tutorial sessions were recorded and accessed by candidates via the LMS


  • An internationally recognised qualification meant that all candidates, once they had passed, could work in any location in the group to the same level of competency
  • Significant cost savings as they no longer needed to pay for instructor travel costs, online training site rentals, and printed learning materials
  • An LMS where everyone has unlimited access to the information they need when they need it
  • The pace of learning suits the candidate so that, for example, a remote worker with fewer distractions could potentially complete the syllabus in a shorter period
  • Effective centralised management, content and communication with candidates, trainers
  • One trusted provider and one point of contact globally. The setting of a global standard developed to the client’s requirements

Having proved the concept, the client is now expanding the scope of the offering to take on further training courses across other divisions of the business.

Ligtas is a NEBOSH gold partner. NEBOSH is the world’s leading accreditation body for the health and safety industry. This means that Ligtas has excelled in the six learning excellence principles:

  1. Ensure all learners understand what is expected of them and what they can expect from their Learning Provider.
  2. Create a learning environment that is engaging and encourages interaction that is appropriate for the course and type of delivery.
  3. Provide accurate course materials and continually update and improve them.
  4. Ensure tutors are qualified, knowledgeable, competent and engaging.
  5. Give learners feedback on their progress and provide appropriate support.
  6. Review course delivery and learner feedback and action as necessary.