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Webinar Replay DSEAR Compliance for Commercial and Residential Properties

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DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations) compliance is an essential aspect of ensuring the safety of both commercial and residential properties where dangerous substances are present. DSEAR provides a framework for managing the risks associated with those substances that have the potential to create explosive atmospheres. These substances may include flammable gases, liquids, dust, and vapours used in manufacturing processes, laboratories, chemical storage facilities, or everyday activities like cleaning or maintenance.

In commercial properties, there is often a greater likelihood of encountering dangerous substances that can pose significant risks. These may include the storage of fuels, including diesel to supply the backup generators or the sprinkler pumps, the use of forklift trucks (FLTs) and mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) that either need LPG as fuel or are electric and need to be charged, which can create and release hydrogen. Routine maintenance work may require the use of flammable aerosols and liquids that will need to be suitably stored.

Although multi-occupancy residential properties may not typically house as many dangerous substances as commercial properties, the same situations as for commercial properties may apply, i.e., fuel storage for backup generators and/or sprinkler pumps.

DSEAR compliance for both commercial and residential properties focuses on ensuring the safety of occupants and others by identifying the potential for an explosive atmosphere to be created and then managing the risks using recognised risk assessment techniques.

Webinar DSEAR Compliance for Commercial and Residential Properties

Attend and get a better understanding of DSEAR and how to ensure that you can keep your employees, customers, properties and residents safe and be ready to create a plan of action.

Date and Time

Aired on: July 20th Webinar. 12 noon

Who needs to watch it?

FM Companies and SMEs.


Anthony Bruce (Head of Health and Safety Services).

In this key webinar, we covered:

  • What is DSEAR?
    • Overview of the DSEAR regulations
    • The steps in a DSEAR risk assessment
    • What is a hazardous area classification?
  • Applying DSEAR to commercial and residential activities
  • Identification of dangerous substances
    • Diesel/fuel oils
    • Hydrogen
    • Aerosols/flammable liquids
    • Natural gas/LPG
  • What processes/equipment fall under DSEAR?
    • Fuel storage
      • Bulk tanks
      • Sprinkler tanks
    • FLT/MEWP charging
    • Maintenance work
    • Flammable storage
    • Natural gas – assumed compliance
  • How we can help

You will walk away with…

This webinar has been designed to introduce you to the importance of DSEAR and help you understand your obligations.

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