Fire Safety

Ligtas are Third Party Accredited Life Safety Fire Risk Assessors under the BAFE SP205-1 Scheme and has a dedicated team of fire safety specialists. We deliver a bespoke fire risk management service.

Our Fire Safety Consultants have over 30 years service experience at senior management level and are members of the Institute of Fire Prevention Officers, the Institute of Fire Safety Managers and the Institute of Fire Engineers.

Because of their Fire Safety background, experience, knowledge and skill, we are able to work closely with clients, Fire Services and the Health and Safety Executive to ensure the avoidance of enforcement action.

Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Risk Assessment is a key factor to managerial compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the associated Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 in Scotland; and in Northern Ireland the Fire and Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 and the Fire Safety Regulations
(Northern Ireland) 2010).

As from 1 October 2006 (15 November 2010 in Northern Ireland) it is a legal requirement for every workplace to have a Fire Risk Assessment, while those employing five or more persons will have to be able to produce a formalised written Fire Risk Assessment using the applied risk profiling and fire safety management strategies detailed in British

A Fire Risk Assessment must be carried out if your:

  • an employer, regardless of the number of employees
  • in control over part or all of any non-domestic premises, even if no one is employed there (e.g. community centres, voluntary organisation premises, sole traders)

  • are a landlord or managing agent retaining control of part or all of a building

  • responsible for managing the common-access areas of a block of flats, maisonettes or operate a HMO (house in multiple occupation)

A Fire Risk Assessment assesses the fire risks, the protective and preventative measures and processes/procedures in force in premises against established standards. The
assessment identifies necessary controlling measures to remove or reduce risk to an acceptable level and produces an action plan for compliance.

A copy of the significant findings must be held where:

  • 5 or more persons are employed by the organisation (even if spread across multiple sites, e.g. three premises each with two employees)

  • An Alterations Notice is in force issued by an Enforcement Authority

  • The premises are used for an activity subject to Licensing (e.g. places of entertainment/dance, sale/consumption of alcohol, etc)

Central Government and Fire Authorities through the Fire Risk Assessment Competency Council strongly encourage the use of Third Party Accredited Fire Risk Assessment providers to ensure suitable and sufficient assessments are produced and in support of this Ligtas are accredited and externally monitored under the BAFE SP205-1 Life Safety Risk Assessment scheme to ensure high standards of work.

Ligtas uses the recommended PAS 79 Fire Risk Assessment process standard to:

Identify fire hazards

• sources of ignition;

• sources of fuel; and

• sources of oxygen

Identify people at risk

• people in and around the premises; and

• people who are especially at risk

Evaluate, remove or reduce, and protect from risk

• Evaluate the risk of a fire starting

• Evaluate the risk to people from a fire

• Identify how to Remove or reduce fire hazards

• Identify how to Remove or reduce the risks to people from a fire

• Identify how to Protect people by providing fire precautions

Record, plan, inform, instruct, and train

• Record any major findings and remedial action required

• Record existing control measures/fire precautions

• Where relevant coordinate the assessment with other responsible people (Multi Occupied Premises)

• Audit emergency plans

• Determine training needs

On completion of the Fire Risk Assessment, Ligtas will provide a compliance document which identifies significant risks, those persons at risk and solutions necessary to remove or reduce the risk to an acceptable level and in a designated timescale. Our Fire Risk Assessment Report has been audited by numerous Enforcing Authorities and considered to be of the highest standard and ‘suitable and sufficient’ as detailed in the various Fire Regulations covering the parts of the UK.