Your questions answered

When it comes to selecting a health and safety training course, it can get a little overwhelming. Here are a few points to consider which may help to steer you in the right direction. Your most popular questions are answered, by our team of experts.

Who are the intended recipients?

The role that the prospective candidates fill (or wish to fill) will help to dictate the level of the course needed. Generally, the larger the role in health and safety that they have, the more in-depth the training ought to be.

Do you need accredited training?

A training course which is accredited by an organisation such as IOSH or NEBOSH means that the content of that course will meet the minimum requirements set down by that organisation. Accredited training courses also have the advantage of being widely recognised across all industry sectors

What method of training delivery best suits the need?

If classroom-based learning is needed to reinforce the message, a taught course could be right for you. If flexibility is a necessity, eLearning might be the training of choice to enable trainees to work at their own pace at a time that’s right for them.

For further advice on selecting a course, you can discuss your training needs with a Ligtas advisor on 02920 029 308.