Today we celebrate World Quality Day across the globe which marks an important day for businesses that put quality at the heart of their business. It’s a day for improving customer value.

At Ligtas we put our customers at the centre of all that we do and we create and improve products, services and processes with them at the forefront of our minds. We recognise the importance of clients to our business and that they define what quality means. Through collaboration, we strive to understand what quality service looks like through the eyes of our clients involving them at every step.

That’s why we’re investing in a better fit for purpose IT system and new services and products. At Ligtas we have a proven track record of maintaining high standards of course delivery, presentation, and learning processes and Ligtas is proud to hold the ISO 9001 accreditation for training services.

Our talented and diverse UK wide experts work with businesses to keep their brand and reputation safe. We also strive to make Ligtas a great place to work and our staff are fully involved in decisions that affect them and that’s why we believe our staff enjoy working for us

We’re all on the same journey to grow as a company and professionally.

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We guarantee you an expert led trusted service.