Ligtas may have just celebrated it’s first anniversary on 10 July 2020. But in fact, we have over 20 yrs experience of delivering consultancy and training services. Ligtas was formed from the health, safety, consultancy and training services acquired under a Management Buyout (MBO) from risk management solutions business Alcumus which originated in 1979. We currently have offices in Cardiff and Huddersfield and employ 86 staff members.

As Ligtas we set out from the beginning to ensure we put the customer at the centre of all that we do. This involved customer journey mapping to highlight the value in each stage, through our process interactions. We involved all our Ligtas team players and clients alike. This started with our mission statement which set out that we ‘Guarantee you an expert led trusted service and our UK wide experts work with you as a trusted provider to help protect your employees and keep your brand and reputation safe.’

We believe our customers are one of the most important factors in the success of the business, that’s why we use a customer centred approach. So, without a positive user experience we wouldn’t be fulfilling our pledge and delivering the high value services our customers expect from us.

We can’t let an important milestone pass by without saying a huge heartfelt thank you to all our staff. Their hard work and cross functional team working have enabled Ligtas to be the success it is today and are instrumental to our success. They’ve enabled us to provide the customer centred professional services each day and therefore strengthen customer relationships.

We’ve recruited thirteen staff members over the last year and welcome them to the Ligtas family. We strive to make Ligtas a great place to work and engage staff in all aspects of the business. We believe our staff enjoy working here and are fully involved in decisions that affect them.

During the last year we’ve all been working tirelessly to ensure the Ligtas brand is visible within the vast, fiercely competitive Health, Safety and Environmental consultancy and training market. This year has seen the implementation of our website and ecommerce function, ensuring customers have a positive user experience. We put our customers at the centre of all that we do, that’s why we’re investing in an innovative state of the art system which will incorporate new technology and AI.

This allows our talented and diverse UK wide experts to work with businesses to keep their brand and reputation safe. This also ensures we have one company and one integrated system working as one for all.

One of our recent achievements are achieving Gold Learning Partner status. This was awarded by the leading accreditation body for the health and safety industry, NEBOSH. The NEBOSH learning partner programme is a quality assurance scheme designed to help people recognise learning providers that go above and beyond in their delivery of NEBOSH courses. Similarly, we offer the same standard of training with our accredited IOSH health and safety and IEMA Environmental course.

“Ligtas professionals complete more than 10,000 inspection, assessment and professional advisory services in over 1,000 locations across the UK each year. “To meet this and still ensure a cost effective, agile service, Ligtas’ focus is on training and development of it’s consultancy team. This ensures their multi-skilled for inspection, assessment and professional advisory services.” “Through this approach, customers achieve excellent results. By not only developing their risk understanding but exceeding legal compliance.” “Customers are supported through the use of the 24 hr technical advice lines provided by Ligtas.”

Simon Jones Techical Director

Ligtas are Third Party Accredited Life Safety Fire Risk Assessors under the BAFE SP205-1 Scheme and has a dedicated team of fire safety specialists. We are also accredited by the Legionella Control Association (LCA) to support clients to keep their water systems safe.

Ligtas have also integrated our management systems and gained accreditation by BSI for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO/IEC 27001

Even in this time of uncertainty with the Covid-19 pandemic we showed incredible resilience and although we saw less activity in face to face training, we introduced new consultancy services as a result. Virtual classrooms are becoming more commonplace and we increased not only our online offering of non-accredited training, but also accredited training, by now offering a broad range of NEBOSH , IOSH and IEMA courses. This diversity has enabled Ligtas to deliver on its promise to be responsive to customer demands.

Over the next year Ligtas aim to become the number 1 high value Health, safety and environmental consultancy provider. We aim to complete this with a constant focus on creating value, eliminating waste, continuous improvement and agile thinking. But what does that mean? One company, one system that’s customer centred and fit for purpose, with a guaranteed high-level professional service all of the time.

“To be the Partner of Choice” commented Shaun Ashmead, Ligtas Managing Director. “Requires a very clear understanding how and where we add value to our customers and how this enables them to be the best at what they do.” “Within the property management, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, financial services and construction industry. Our professional team ensure we enable safe, healthy environments for all our customers.”

Shaun Ashmead