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The Importance Of Six Monthly Fire Door Inspections: A Call To Action for Managing Agents

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

The old adage “Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail” is a sage reminder that forgetting to pop your six monthly fire door inspections in your calendar can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Among the many fire safety measures, fire doors serve as a critical barrier against the spread of fire and smoke, allowing for safe evacuation in an emergency.

They are fundamental to safeguarding lives, preventing the escalation of fire incidents, and preserving property in the event of a fire. However, due to the continuous wear and tear, exposure to environmental conditions, as well as the significance of their role, fire doors must be regularly inspected and maintained to remain effective.

Regular fire door inspections are critical to your overall strategic fire safety plan. The cost of failure is measured in potential lives lost and the multifaceted impact on businesses and the communities they serve.

While you may feel certain that you have your next six monthly inspections in your diary, we invite you to take a look and make sure.

As experts in fire safety, our mission to create a safer world extends beyond mere compliance; it is about supporting our clients to safeguard lives and assets.

For managing agents, the mandate is clear – six monthly fire door inspections are not just a legal formality. They are a preventative measure against the unthinkable.

The British Standard 9999 is a guidance document which will help you to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 These are available to support safety and compliance.


We call compliance a starting point, not a destination. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 mandates that building owners and managing agents are responsible for the maintenance and safety of fire doors. British Standard 9999 specifies a six-month inspection interval to ensure compliance with these regulations.

Ask yourself, "How compliant are you?" Compliance should not be a tick-box exercise but a continuous pursuit of excellence. It's about ensuring that every fire door in every property you manage doesn't just meet the standards but exceeds them.


When you invest in fire safety, life is the currency you protect. Every unchecked door or delayed inspection could deplete this currency. Fire doors represent a critical aspect of life safety in commercial buildings. Six monthly inspections help identify and rectify issues, ensuring the doors remain fully functional and can save lives during fire emergencies.

Managing agents must view six monthly inspections as investments in the safety and security of human lives – an investment that can never be too great.

Protecting Investments

A well-maintained fire door can mean the difference between minor repairs and significant fire loss, between a quick business resumption and prolonged downtime. They can mitigate rapid fire spread, minimising structural damage and protecting the building's contents. Six monthly inspections ensure the doors retain their structural integrity.

Regular inspections are a business solution – they protect not only your physical assets but also the financial health and operational continuity of the businesses within your buildings.

Liability Reduction

Managing agents have a legal duty to ensure the safety of building occupants and visitors. Neglecting fire door inspections may lead to legal liability in case of fire-related accidents.

Insurance Compliance

Many insurance policies require fire door inspections to be conducted every six months. Failure to meet this requirement may result in difficulties when filing insurance claims following fire-related incidents.


In an industry where trust is vital, your reputation as a managing agent hinges on the reliability of the buildings you oversee and the people using them. Regular fire door inspections and a commitment to go beyond compliance can change how you are perceived.

We do understand that most people walking past a well-maintained and regularly inspected fire door won’t be kneeling at your feet and hailing you as a hero. But don’t do it, and you will find out how easily trust is broken for failing to keep people and their assets safe.

Your reputation is an invisible asset that needs protecting, just like your other business assets. The actions you take today create the safer environments of tomorrow.

Best Practices

To adhere to British Standard 9999 and maintain a high level of fire door safety, we would advise managing agents to consider the following:

Appoint Competent Inspectors

Engage accredited and competent fire door inspectors like Ligtas with the expertise needed to assess fire doors and recommend necessary actions in line with British Standard 9999.

Implement a Six Monthly Inspection Schedule

Develop a routine inspection schedule following British Standard 9999 guidelines. Record these inspections and address identified issues promptly.

Thorough Record-Keeping

Maintain comprehensive records of all fire door inspections, repairs, and maintenance activities. These records serve as essential documentation for compliance and accountability.

Ongoing Training and Awareness

Promote training and awareness among building occupants regarding fire doors, emergency procedures, and their crucial role in fire safety.

We invite you to watch this Fire Door Webinar Replay as a starting point. And read this article 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Fire Strategy.

And finally

As managing agents, the questions remain: How compliant are you, and how do you know?

Regular fire door inspections every six months, in accordance with British Standard 9999, are one of the cornerstones of managing safe and compliant commercial buildings in the UK. As a managing agent, you are responsible for ensuring the proper inspection and maintenance of fire doors, contributing to the safety of all occupants and property protection.

Did you check your calendar and fire safety plan? Do you need professional support to help you to go beyond compliance?

Please reach out if you have any questions or require assistance in establishing a six monthly fire door inspection program. Your commitment to fire safety is instrumental, and we are here to support you in fulfilling this vital responsibility.

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