What’s in a name

Acronyms and abbreviations are everywhere but they’re difficult to remember and aren’t descriptive. One of the difficulties in business is that they’re widely used. But most people have no idea what they stand for and where to find information about it. So, we thought we’d take one such acronym and explain exactly what it stands for. But also, more importantly what it means to customers.

The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) a mouthful I know, is a targeted piece of legislation aimed at the users of flammable liquids and gases, combustibles dusts and substances which can give rise to a risk of explosion or explosion type events. Or simply put things than can go BOOM!

They impose a need to risk assess the potential for an explosion and control measures to mitigate that spread should an explosion happen. Now for the higher-level explanation by our subject matter expert on DSEAR at Ligtas. It requires areas where potentially explosive atmosphere will, may or can be created, even under fault conditions be assessed. Then if required ‘Zones’ based on risk be assigned. Within all Zones all equipment and other potential ignition sources must be checked to ensure their suitability for use in an explosive atmosphere, i.e. are suitably protected – commonly referred to as suitably ATEX rated.

They apply to all uses of dangerous materials, both small scale and large scale, but the level of assessment should be proportion to the risk. The Regulations impose requirements for the verification by a competent person of all new Zoned areas before the dangerous substances are introduced and a mandatory training requirement for all person who work within Zoned areas.
He stated DEAR should be applied initially during the planning and design of workplaces and equipment to design out the risk of explosions, design in mitigation measures and prevent the propagation of any explosion to protect people, equipment and infrastructure. So now you know!

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Things that go BOOM!

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