Take a New Look at Your Health and Safety Goals for 2024



2024 Goals

As the year draws to a close (I know it really is almost year-end), it's time for your organisation to review their goals and set new ones for 2024, especially around health and safety. 

This is a reminder that moving beyond mere compliance is more than ticking boxes.

Here’s why a new look at your health and safety goals is important;

  • Regulations evolve, and what was compliant a year ago may no longer be sufficient. A year-end review will help you to stay ahead of these changes.
  • Setting new goals encourages ongoing continuous improvement rather than stagnation at minimum standards. Remember, we don’t tick boxes.
  • Going beyond compliance helps create a safety culture, demonstrating your commitment to health and safety.
  • New goals can focus on proactive risk management rather than reactive compliance, reducing the likelihood of accidents and incidents.

Working with a health and safety consultancy brings numerous benefits in this context:

  • Expert guidance from consultancies like Ligtas who know how to help you navigate complex regulations and industry-specific risks. Take a look at our webinars. https://lnkd.in/diS4VMgx
  • Ligtas can provide you with customised strategies. This means you can get advice about tailored health and safety strategies that align with your organisational goals and industry best practices.
  • Ligtas can offer fresh perspectives and training to engage employees more effectively in safety practices.

Special Offer

We have a special offer on some NEBOSH and IOSH courses, which are:

  • NEBOSH Fire Certificate eLearning
  • NEBOSH General Certificate (Bronze, Silver and Gold) eLearning
  • IOSH Working Safely eLearning
  • IOSH Managing Safely eLearning

So, as you plan for 2024, partnering with Ligtas to set and achieve ambitious safety goals can be a strategic move towards a safer, more compliant, and more successful year.

Partner with Ligtas today to set and achieve ambitious safety goals.

Let's make safety a priority together

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