Escape to the countryside
Escape to the countryside

How the finance Director at Ligtas’ numbers didn’t quite add up when 1 became 12!

I caught up with Alexis on her farm to find out her story, of how her dream of owning a farm with lots of animals became a reality. High heels and mucky boots are a daily reality for her.

So, Lex (as she’s known in the office), is the reality as you’d imagined? As a child it was always my dream to have my own farm and own horses. Luckily, I didn’t believe my parents who said you’ll never have a horse when I was growing up and here, I am the owner of 6. I was always a little bit stubborn and I will always work hard to find a way to achieve my dreams.
I’ve always adored horses and horse riding and I love show jumping, I spend my teenage years and early twenties competing on my beloved horse Buddy (who’s now retired and but still very much part of the family). But not only do I have a passion for horses, that passion has rubbed off on my stepdaughter, who had a pony for Christmas in 2018. Naturally with her learning to ride I needed to have another horse to ride with her. Then my niece felt left out and so I bought her one taking the number up to 4. As everyone knows I’m a huge animal lover, so I got offered two other horses, I couldn’t say no so, so they joined the family. They’re for the kids to move onto when they grow up, well that’s the story I tell my husband. But luckily, he sees how passionate I am about horses and you know how the saying goes, ‘Happy wife, happy life’. But although he pretends, he doesn’t like horses, I know he loves them deep down.
Where do you keep all these horses, I hear you ask? Well in 2017 the second part of my childhood dream became a reality when I managed to buy a small holding. Sounds stressful? Well after a normal day in the office I find it quite relaxing mucking out the stables. Everything runs like clockwork, until we hit snow! My farm is high on a mountain top so the weather to me is like my own little world. The first year was all a steep learning curve so stocking up on food and water is essential as I found out the hard way. The forecasting, budgeting and invoicing that I do in work also comes in handy on the farm, I do love a spreadsheet. But my husband is the opposite and is the hands-on worker that builds barns, stables and extensions. So, we work well together as a family and this makes the farm life all worth it!

As if a full-time job and 6 horses wasn’t enough, in 2019 I rescued two dogs from Romania who now also live on the farm. Faith is an older sheepdog and Duke is a Labrador. Both dogs love running around the fields and sleeping in front of the fire in the nights. I’m a sucker for a sob story, I can’t help it, I love animals.
And as if that wasn’t enough animals, my secret Santa this year (courtesy of the Marketing Executive Donna), was 3 chickens!! named Elsa, Anna and Princess Layer, they know me too well. After seeing what lovely pets, they make my stepdaughter wanted a white one and for her birthday. So, a white chicken Olaf became the final addition to the farm…for now.
Thanks, Lex, for giving us an insight into your farm and office life. It’s lovely to see people achieve their dreams with hard work and dedication. I’ve no doubt your expanding farm family will welcome even more additions this year.

I'm a sucker for a sob story, I can't help it I love animals.

Alexis Vranch