​Bored of cooking? Well for once this isn’t about food, I know it’s a struggle at the moment when all we seem to do is think about food! But why not use this time to nourish the mind and not the belly.

Our homeworking bundle of three online courses, has been especially selected to assist employees working from home. The courses offered are:

1. Health and Safety Awareness

2. Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

3. Mental Health Awareness

Course overview

The General Health and Safety Awareness course is designed to ensure that delegates understand how their actions can affect health and safety and that individual responsibilities are clearly understood.

The use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) can be a source of discomfort and ill health in the workplace, yet it is one of the most widely- used pieces of equipment. The DSE course aims to provide an awareness of the hazards associated with the prolonged use of DSE and ways of reducing associated risks.

The Mental Health Awareness course covers the main types of mental ill health along with typical symptoms, relief and coping strategies.

Who’s the course for?

The bundle is aimed at those who are working from home, either temporarily or on a long term basis. The three courses cover essential need to know information in relation to key areas affecting homeworking and is a must for those adapting to home working.

In today's busy world awareness is the first step to a healthy mind.