Ligtas Expands The Team - Part 2

Meet Chris, Stephen And John

Ligtas expands the consulting team - part 2

Ligtas have gone through some exciting changes, the business is growing, and we have some great customers to support.

With that in mind, we set out to find people to join the team who care about health and safety and have a similar ethos and can add value and build trust for our clients.

Meet the next of our new consultants who ticked all of the boxes for us and will go beyond just ticking the box for you.

Christopher Brown

Before joining Ligtas, I enjoyed a full 30-year Fire and Rescue Service, starting in Wiltshire as a teenage recruit and ending in Cardiff as a Fire Safety Inspecting Officer. My experience was mainly around fire certification of ‘Life Risk’ buildings for the 12 years of my career I spent in the Fire Safety Department.

On retirement, I joined Carillion Specialist Services as Fire Safety Advisor/Consultant completing risk assessments for government buildings under ‘Workplace Regulations’.

Redundancy forced a change, and I found myself looking after six Royal Palaces and two ‘Fire Teams’ in Windsor and London. After four years in that role, I moved back to Fire Safety Consultancy for a while and then to National Trust as a Fire Safety Operational Risk Business partner. I stayed in that post for over 12 years and eventually decided to retire at Christmas 2021.

Retirement lasted until the end of January 2022, when I decided to review my CV. The rest is history, and I joined Ligtas on 14th March 2022.

Married with four children and three grandchildren between us, all of whom keep us busy! Interests include Holidays, DIY, a little golf, and my ageing motorbike.

Stephen Best

After 18 years with the East Midlands Prison Service, I felt it was time to spread my wings. During the last 8 with them, I worked as a Fire, Health & Safety Specialist. This varied role meant that I was able to cover several different prisons. As you can imagine, we dealt with many areas and topics, including arson, violence, residential, catering, gyms, external areas, etc.

Outside of prison life, I recently retired from playing football, largely due to my ageing body and lack of ability!

Despite being invited into the VIP room in a nightclub owned by Prince while I lived in America, my day to day life is probably much the same as yours.

Jon Ely

Like many people in the safety industry, I started my career – by lucky happenstance rather than any master plan. Eighteen months into a career in the British Army, I was not satisfied with the initial role I had chosen, and a friend introduced me to the Environmental Health cadre.

Responsible for health, safety, food safety, disease control and a host of other technical subjects, I was instantly hooked. The British Army very kindly paid for a degree and several other qualifications. I spent several years happily trotting around the world (including several conflicts), providing advice to the military and other parties.

After reaching a professional crossroads, I chose to leave the military community. I worked for a local education department in London for several years before entering the exciting world of consultancy. No two days are the same, which has kept me interested and motivated for the fifteen years since leaving uniformed service.

Outside of work, I am a husband and father to two boys, who keep me plenty occupied. When I get the chance, I really enjoy the chance to cook, study and read, and I like keeping up on current affairs.

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