Health and safety courses

Ok you’ve decided you would like to complete a health and safety course but how do you know it’ the right one for you? Our team of experts have written a helpful guide to help you with things to think about when deciding what course to book onto. Our full guide can be found here. But here are some points you should consider before selecting a course.

Have you done your research?

Use all the tools at your disposal to thoroughly research the provider and the course to ensure that they are the right fit for you. Talk to the potential course provider and understand what is included especially support for studying examined qualifications.

What’s the end goal?

Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is – what is it that you hope to achieve by the completing the course? Is it a case of fulfilling a legal requirement or opening up new career opportunities? Select the course which will put you on the path to achieving that goal.

For further advice on selecting a course, you can discuss your training needs with a Ligtas advisor on 02920 029 308.