July 07 2021

Unsuitable fire risk assessment led to Company Director fine

Huge repercussions for Company Director

Unsafe practices

A company director has been sentenced, after pleading guilty to providing a fire risk assessment that was not suitable or sufficient. Following the hearing at Southampton Crown Court on 1 June, the company providing the fire risk assessment for Cranleigh House, UK Fire Consulting Ltd (of which Mr. Charles Morgan is a Director), was fined £20,000 and costs of £19,952 for the same offence.

The managing agent for the premises, Denfords Property Management had pleaded guilty at an earlier magistrates’ court hearing, of a failure to comply with an enforcement notice to provide a suitable fire risk assessment. They were fined £10,000 with £6,000 costs and the individual manager specifically responsible for the premises was given a conditional discharge and £1,800 costs.

As well as a £2,750 fine and a three-month prison sentence suspended for 18 months, company director Mr. Morgan was ordered to pay costs of £19,952. The full story can be found here.

Ligtas services

As well as being a legal requirement, making sure that a workplace is fire safe is one of the most important responsibilities an employer has to employees and the general public.

Poor fire safety management has very serious consequences, in terms of lives lost, injuries, damage to property, the environment, and to business continuity.

At Ligtas, we are here to help you create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Contact our team of trusted experts on 02922 800 000 or enquiries@ligtas.co.uk for more information on health, safety, consultancy, and any training requirements.

Fire safety services

The services we provide include:

• Fire Risk Assessments
• Fire Policies
• Fire Procedures
• Fire Management Systems
• Fire Strategies
• Fire Evacuation Procedures
• Fire Evacuation Drills
• Tenant Fire Audits
• Fire Door Inspections

We carry out many other fire safety services, so contact us for further information.

Employers are required to put in place suitable arrangements to manage fire safety and this includes assessing the risks, implementing suitable and sufficient control measures, and monitoring those arrangements.

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