Morgan Richards Image
Morgan Richards Image

Introducing our new starter Morgan Richards

Before Ligtas, I struggled juggling four or five different jobs to keep myself afloat. I had no time to see friends or family, I barely had time to breathe.Trying to find a regular weekday job was nigh on impossible, having no previous admin experience. My other jobs being in retail or hospitality or delivery driving or in the outdoor pursuits industry.

I only needed a chance, and that’s what Ligtas gave me.

Since starting with the company, I have met loads of friendly and supportive colleges. I have learned a lot and am thoroughly enjoying my time here.

They days just disappear with the blink of an eye, and I finally have time to do things other than work.

Having such a happy and stable work environment means I can start ticking adventures off my list and get back to doing things that I love.

I'm more productive, far happier and work less thanks to Ligtas.

Morgan Richards