Coronavirus, COVID-19 return to work Consultancy support


On the 10th May 2020 the Prime Minister set out a road map for unlocking the UK economy as a result of the lockdown imposed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Subsequently the Government have produced 8 guides for businesses to become COVID Secure, i.e. steps that businesses should take to ensure they control the risks related to the virus.

How can Ligtas Help?

Ligtas Consultancy and Training have a range of health and safety specialists that are able to visit your premises and work through a range of measures and controls that will support your business/premises in becoming COVID Secure.

The service consists of a COVID – 19 return to work assessment is to identify additional hazards that COVID – 19 introduces into the workplace and identify the steps needed to control the risks in line with current Government guidelines. The assessment is not likely to cover all scenarios and each employer should consider their own unique circumstances.

COVID Secure
COVID Secure

The assessment will take into consideration staff, visitors and contractors and will cover the key areas of:

· Hand Washing

· Physical and Social Distancing

· Cleaning

· Wearing of PPE

· Staff and Visitor monitoring

Following the visit, a report will be produced outlining recommended actions to be taken prior to a return to work or building re-occupancy in order to ensure the workplace is COVID Secure in line with current Government guidelines, available here.

As Government guidelines may change the assessment is to be treated as a dynamic document and reviewed accordingly.

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