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IOSH Managing Safely

Course overview

This five-day course provides basic health and safety training for managers and supervisors in all organisations. “Managing Safely has been designed to give managers an understanding of how to deal with health and safety issues in the workplace, and make them aware of their responsibilities ” (IOSH).

Who is this course for?

Managing Safely is for managers and supervisors in any sector, from any organisation, who have to manage risk and resources.

Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing the five day course your staff will be better able to:
• Describe the key reasons to manage safety and health in the workplace
• Define the key terms relating to safety and health
• Identify how the law can have an impact on safety and health in the workplace
• Describe how to assess, reduce and control risk in the workplace
• Identify workplace hazards and risks, their impact and how to manage them
• Identify how to evaluate and respond to an incident
• List the benefits and characteristics of an effective health and safety management system
• Describe the principles that underpin good safety and health performance

On successful completion of a multiple choice question paper and a workplace practical assessment, the delegate will receive an IOSH certificate.
IOSH Managing Safety Syllabus
1. Introducing Managing Safely
2. Assessing Risks
3. Controlling Risks
4. Understanding your responsibilities
5. Identify Hazards
6. Investigating Accidents an

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IOSH Managing Safely
6 December 2019