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Supporting the restructuring process


Organisational restructuring can be challenging.

Restructuring and a change of ownership often cause employees to panic and wonder how the changes will affect their job security. This is when the stress of the restructuring may take away the staff’s focus on their actual work.

At times like these, organisations need to know that they can rely on their suppliers to support the process.


Aardman Animations, a well-known major animation production studio, underwent an organisational restructure, changing ownership and senior management of the business from the original founders to the employees. This prompted a review of the health and safety policy, procedures and allocation of responsibilities.

Client Requirements

Aardman wanted a comprehensive review of the existing health and safety policy, procedures, and allocation of responsibilities.

  • They wanted to ensure that their policies were still relevant and legal
  • They needed a thorough audit and for all risks assessed
  • To be informed of all new legislation
  • They wanted a partner who would do more that just tick the boxes


Ligtas prepared a board-level presentation setting out the role and responsibilities of people at work. There was particular emphasis on the role of safety leadership and the legal and moral responsibilities of the senior management team members.

This was to ensure that Aardman was fully up to date with how Ligtas would tackle the project.

Once the senior team knew how the review would progress, they were keen for it to go ahead immediately.

  • Ligtas carried out a thorough review of the companies health and safety policy and procedures, coupled with an in-depth audit of the work areas and activities carried out.
  • The aim was to identify any shortcomings and ensure that the company performance was in line with the best practice as set out in their policy and procedures
  • The audit identified both good and bad practices within the business.
  • It provided a prioritised set of actions for the teams to deploy over the subsequent months to ensure that the company raised, maintained, and monitored its health and safety performance and goals

Client Benefits

  • Peace of mind. The client knew from the outset exactly what Ligtas would deliver and why
  • Knowledge update. In reviewing and guiding Aardman, they were educated with everything required in terms of their business and legal position
  • Best practice. The policy and procedures review ensured that they had a system of updating and deploying best in-field practices to the business’s employees in a structured and sustainable way

Aardman has a long-standing relationship with the team at Ligtas. They provide us with an extremely professional service delivered in a personal style that has engaged with our partners across all levels of the business. This approach has resulted in enthusiastic involvement where change and improvement have been required.

Tony Prescott - Head of Estates

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