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Fire Doors Save Lives

Keeping you safe, protecting lives and property

Background to the case study

Following the Grenfell tragedy, a well-publicised debate resulted in changes being made to the Fire Safety Act. These important amendments have been put in place to ensure that people feel safe and that a tragedy like the Grenfell Tower does not happen again.

In addition, the RRO, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order which came into force in England & Wales on 1st October 2006, demands that building owners, landlords, estates managers, and similar now have the legal responsibility for fire safety. They have to appoint a Responsible Person who must ensure that an annual fire risk assessment is undertaken.

Fire doors save lives. They form a vital part of a building’s passive fire protection. Fire doors are purpose-built safety devices constructed to withstand fire for a period and keep it contained. They also provide an escape route should a fire start. As with all life-saving products, a third-party inspection with an expert company like Ligtas is important to ensure that your responsible person has done what is required to reduce the risk of fire.

Fire doors need regular inspection and maintenance (BS9999 recommends a six-monthly inspection regime) to ensure that they will perform as intended in the event of a fire.

Organisations need to know that they can rely on their suppliers to support the process, which is why our client decided to take prompt action to ensure that their properties remain compliant and safe.

Client Requirements

Our client wanted a comprehensive review of the existing fire door safety policy to ensure that all fire doors were fit for purpose. This included:

  • An independent inspection
  • Detailed report giving a risk rating for each door
  • Full list of remedial actions required to bring the door up to the required standard


Ligtas prepared a detailed inspection plan that included the following:

  • That the gap around the door frame and door leaf is correct
  • That suitable fire rated hinges are provided and are in good condition
  • Appropriate fire safety signage is provided
  • Door closing mechanisms are correct, and operations
  • The door leaf shuts securely in the frame
  • Fire-resistant glazing is in good condition and fitted correctly
  • Intumescent seals are fitted and in good condition
  • Cold smoke seals are fitted and in good condition
  • All door ironmongery is in good working order

Client Benefits

  • Peace of mind. The client knew from the outset that Ligtas would pay attention to all aspects of fire safety management during the inspection.
  • Best practice. This assessment ensures they have a system of updating and deploying best practices for continued fire safety.
  • Open discussion. At Ligtas, we discuss the report with our clients, identifying necessary action and the best way to successfully complete any works.

Customer testimonial

We have gained peace of mind by having a provider who listens and responds to not only the big things but to all of our needs. Ligtas continue to provide a professional service by delivering best practices ensuring that we remain compliant and our customers safe.

Phil Sleet - Specsavers - Head of Health & Safety UK/ROI Retail

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